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Industrial Radiators

The functioning of industrial radiators is similar to your common car radiators. The main difference is that they are comparatively larger and are able to cool a lot more coolant. Unlike normal car radiators, these industrial radiators take end tanks to bolt on the core. Some industrial radiators are very big in size and manufactured separately and combined later into one. This assembly can also include other components like additional oil coolers and cooling fans in some cases. Our industrial radiators are built robustly to survive harsh conditions like construction sites, being installed in off-road equipment, etc.

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We manufacture the best-quality radiators with high-quality processing. We produce these industrial radiators using latest techniques and equipment.

The places where Industrial radiators are generally used are:

    • Construction Equipments
    • Lift Tucks
    • Tow Motors
    • Off-Road Vehicles
    • Heavy Trucks & Tractors

Automotive Radiators

The radiator is a part which transfers the heat coming from the flowing hot coolant through the fan. The coolant flows from the parallel-arrangement of the pipes. The heat from the tubes is conducted by the fins is then let out in the air. The automotive radiators usually consist of tanks, one on each side and transmission cooler is present inside the tanks.

We deliver precision engineered automotive radiators to our clients which are widely used as parts in the cars and other machines. These are constructed with quality materials in varied shapes and sizes to fit the needs of different vehicles.

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