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A rotor is a round shaped piece of steel attached to a rod that is connected to a wheel. Brake pads are present of on either side of a rotor. When you press brake pedal inside a vehicle, the pads on side of it compresses around the motor and slows down the vehicle or stops completely.

Brake rotors are an important component in the braking system that stops your vehicle. Brake rotors (they're also called brake discs) are what your vehicle's brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from spinning. Some people may be surprised to learn that the brake rotors are just as important to stopping their vehicle as the brake pads are. Like other brake parts, there are several different types of brake rotors available.

Automotive Hubs

Automotive Hub or a wheel hub assembly is a part of an automotive assembly which is put in cars, trucks (light or heavy) and passenger vehicles.

The location of it lies between drive axle and brake discs or rotors. The holding bracket from the chassis is used to mount it on the axle side. If it is rotor side, then the wheel is mounted on the bolts of the wheel hub. To prevent failure while replacing an automotive hub, it should be torqued according to specifications of the vehicle.

SBF Wheel Hub Assembly

zeroThe automotive hubs which we offer are fabricated with high-grade materials for construction. These automotive hubs which are used in rear wheels of the vehicles are constructed robustly and ensured to give long service life and best performance.


    • Easy to fit in bearings
    • Durable
    • Precise size
    • Lower maintenance

Automotive Rotors

Automotive or Brake rotors are an integral part of the braking system which is used in making a moving vehicle slow and ultimately making it stationary. For automotive use, grey iron, a form of cast iron, is used to manufacture the rotor. Brake rotors exist in various forms. Some are fully solid in shape and some are hollowed out with fins.

We offer a range of precision crafted brake rotors for your automobile keeping the important aspects like quality, stopping power and fitting in mind. Our specialization in creating exceptional automobile products help us deliver a variety of brake motors which can fit your driving needs and get the best performance out of them.

Wheel Hub

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